“ The No. 1 trusted & professional payment gateway in Vietnam ”
Trusted services

We commit professional services with high-qualified consultants ready for full support within 3 working hours.

Convenient system

Easy connect with sample reference documents for all types of billing as your choices with online reports.

Potential market

We offer you a golden gate to reach more than 130M subscribers in Vietnam with 16M 3G users and 19M Smartphone.

Timely payment

We ensure you transparent reporting and timely payment for long-term co-operation.

We offers multi-services for your choices.

Be the pioneer to bring new M-VAS services in Vietnam market.

Message Originated (MO) charging

Short-code renting service and messaging connection infrastructure for individuals and enterprises to use messaging switchboard for charging services or digital content businesses.

  • Short-code ( 8x47) renting service
  • The most effective billing method
  • Connected to 4 big telcos in Vietnam
  • Access to 100% Mobile subscribers in Vietnam
  • Flexible in running M-VAS services
  • 99% successfully charging
  • Stable system
  • Online realtime report

Wap Charging

Process payment directly through wapsite with 1 click only. No messages. No confirmation through short-code.

  • The most simple billing method
  • Transparent, explicit transaction
  • Online report

Sub Charging

Extend your services and life time value of your customer through sub charging. One message - full service - periodic charging.

  • Easy, convenient transaction
  • Long-term revenue
  • High ROI rate
  • Low rate of service cancellation (<10%)
  • Online report

Telcos top-up charge

Billing services using Telcos prepaid top-up cards for internet and mobile products, services, applications, etc. payment.

  • High revenue sharing
  • Timely payment within 20 working days since the end of the month
  • Low difference rate (<2%)
Prepaid subscriber (as % total subscriber)
3G penetration
Mobile internet user
Smartphone penetration
Social media penetration

As percentage of total population

What Partners Say

I am very pleased with 5MGate services quality. It makes me more certain in long-term investment and cooperation.

Vietnam always is the first choice for regional corporations. We have finally found trusted partner in this potential market.

After long time cooperation, we understand that finding good partner means eliminating 40% challenge in business.

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